Considerations on big data licensing

Aaron Tantleff outlines how big data licensing differs from traditional data licensing, and gives an overview of the IP issues involved

A mixed year for EU design cases

2014 was a mixed year for design decisions from the Court of Justice and General Court in Luxembourg. David Stone explains how, while the Court of Justice may have scored highly with two decisions, the General Court has some way to go in its interpretation of the EU-wide legislation

Ebola, Reform High On WHO Executive Board Agenda This Week

The World Health Organization Executive Board yesterday adopted a resolution on Ebola, one the eve of today’s opening of its 10-day meeting addressing a broad range of health issues, including several of relevance to the intellectual property and innovation community. Today, Italy requested that member states be involved in the setting of WHO guidelines, raising governance issues, while WHO Director General Margaret Chan called for strong health systems and reform to the WHO structure, and asked for room to move on WHO relations with industry.

The Year Ahead In Internet Governance: Of Competing Institutions, IANA Transition, And A New Crypto War

For many years Electronic Frontier Foundation Policy Analyst Jeremy Malcolm has been predicting the next year would be the pivotal year for the UN-led Internet Governance Forum (IGF). With the NetMundial Initiative being constructed these coming months and governments having not yet agreed to prolong the IGF mandate, the decade-old forum might be challenged to either move or become just one of many internet governance conference venues. And while some hope the future oversight over the internet’s underlying IANA function could become an experiment in shared global governance, others point out that more and more of the interesting questions of internet politics are decided elsewhere: national governments, trade negotiators, big data giants and cyberdominance strategists.

WIPO Seminar Discusses Interface Between IP And Private International Law

Experts gathered in Geneva recently to review past projects on intellectual property and private international law, and look toward the future. Now, through efforts to draft a set of guidelines, headway is being made on finding ways to manage the legal uncertainties in this area.

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