Is The Development Dimension Of WIPO Incompatible With Its Role Of IP Protection?

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a successful United Nations agency if success is measured by its generated income and the number of international registrations of intellectual property titles. However, in its role as a norm-setting United Nations agency, the organisation has been struggling for the past year as member countries have quite a different view on its core objectives.

Old And New Proposed At The Top Of WIPO; Tied To Director’s Term

After months of consideration and an application process that attracted 360 applicants, the World Intellectual Property Organization secretariat has made public its proposed names for the top posts at the UN agency for the next six years. Only four out of eight names are newcomers, and all will be tied to the term of service […]

For Experts, Questions Still Abound On IP And Standard-Setting

BRUSSELS – Intellectual property experts at the annual conference of the European Policy for Intellectual Property Association (EPIP) discussed a range of topics including IP rights and standard-setting. The conclusion? Many questions remain unanswered.

‘Google’ Not A Generic Term Yet, US Court Says

Googling may be a ubiquitous fact of life, but the company behind the term still has trademark rights, a US court has found.

Experts Look At The Meaning of Myriad, One Year Later

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – Experts gathered here last week addressed the question of – one year later – what does the United States Supreme Court’s decision on human gene patents mean for scientific research and patent policy?

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