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Infringing British Telecommunications granted disclosure of patentee's licence documents before damages inquiry

Following an earlier finding that British Telecommunications (‘BT’) infringed two patents owned by Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment (‘Adaptive’), Birss J in the High Court (Patents Court) has ordered Adaptive to provide BT with a list of licences and other agreements with Sky (Adaptive’s sole UK licensee) in order for BT to understand the likely amount of damages it would have to pay in an inquiry as to damages, even though the inquiry had not yet begun.

Broadcasting Treaty Discussions Open Way To New Convergence On Broad Principles

World Intellectual Property Organization delegates this week have underlined the positive mood which governed the discussions on a potential treaty protecting broadcasting organisations. The topic has been on the agenda of WIPO’s committee on copyright for some 17 years. This week some convergence emerged notably on what the treaty should protect.

Exceptions And Limitations To Copyright, Efforts By Chair To Break Status Quo Gather Large Approval

Yesterday, the chair of the World Intellectual Property Organization committee on copyright issued a non-official paper to delegates in an effort to break what appeared at the beginning of the session as status quo as delegations camped on their previous positions.

At WIPO, Performers Make Case For More Help, Visual Artists Seek Resale Right

While the World Intellectual Property Organization committee on copyright was discussing the protection of broadcasting organisations this week, performers lobbied for fair remuneration in the digital age. Visual artists, for their part, campaigned member states for a new treaty to be considered to protect their resale rights. On 29 June, the International Federation of Musicians […]

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